seen/unseen, 2016

Humanities Gallery, LIU Brooklyn, New York

Brass, stainless steel, optical glass, water, dirt, sand, uranium glass, uranium prints, inkjet transparency slides with LED light panel, 13" x 13" x 13" cube

Lead-lined scrap steel with lead paint container, 20" x 6.5" x 15"
Wooden pedestal/projection screen, 52" x 39" cruciform shape surface

30 x 40" B&W and color inkjet prints
Green vinyl theater gel filters hung in gallery window panels

Collaborative installation by Morgan Post and Jo Yarrington (with contributions by Samuel Dole and Bernard Klevickas)

The collaborative installation seen/unseen explores the recent history of the nuclear industry in Connecticut and New York, with a focus on the toxic nature of uranium. In this traveling and evolving project, the artists use uranium as a core element in producing a sculptural book/magic lantern/presentation device, which addresses the problematic history of containing waste and the invisible threats that plague our water, air and environment. Through additional large scale photographic images the artists continue to investigate specific sites of nuclear power plants and the various events, statistics and situations that reveal the possible long-term environmental and physiological impact of radioactive leakage. The project underscores the continued difficulty of containing such potent and dangerous materials and their inevitable spillage and seepage into our natural world. It asks the viewer to look beyond media spin and into the invisible but all too frequent eruption of reality.