Notations and Meditations on the Sheela-na-gig, 1999
Courthouse Studios
Ennistymon, Ireland

Artist performance/exhibition
Polaroid transfers, found objects, photographs, thread
800 square feet

Keeping within the context of previous work, I began this piece in quiet contemplation of the light, volume, and furnishings within the room. Eventually, I rearranged the furniture so that it would interact with architectural elements in the space, a ritual theatre where the walls and floors became a meditative and metaphoric arena. I physically manifested my daily reflections by "sketching" on the walls; adhering objects found on or near the site, using thread to "sew together" existing architectural elements in the stone and walls, and applying mixed-media photographic images from my archeologically-based travels in Ireland. The piece evolved organically as I let chance, intuition and reflection help track, link and map the interconnectedness.