The Money Changers (More Money Than God), 2010-2011

All Insignificant Things Must Disappear:
The Social Sphere and the Post Economic Landscape
Trinity Museum, Trinity Church
New York, NY

Duraclears installed in 10 leaded glass windows
4’ x 2.4’ per window, 2 sets of 5 windows (12’ x 4’ each)
Photo Credit Cathy Carver

The recent economic earthquake has broken out beyond the confines of the financial world and has effectively caused a wholesale re-evaluation of our individual and collective existence. This almost unprecedented crisis has opened up a range of social and cultural consequences that we are still struggling to comprehend. How we engage with our altered circumstances today, will affect our successes and failures tomorrow within this tentative new landscape. Artists, so often acting as barometers for society’s evolution have a role to play in navigating this latest challenge. By offering alternative ways of seeing the volatility of recent times, All Insignificant Things Must Disappear aims to foster discussion and consideration for the road ahead.

The Money Changers (More Money than God), 2010 is an installation of appropriated web images converted into transparent photographic Duraclears. These selected images are of multiple gestures culled from documentation of monetary exchanges made on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange as well as from Renaissance paintings in which Christ is chasing moneylenders from the Temple. They are attached to 10 leaded glass windows in Trinity Museum located within Trinity Church, on Broadway off of Wall Street. Each bank of the Museum’s windows examines the current financial crisis, its historical context, and the human dilemma of our ongoing complex relationships with money.

Darren Jones, Curator

Trinity Wall Street Press Release

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