Ocular Orbits, 2010
West End Line Subway Stations: Fort Hamilton Parkway, 71st Street, 79th Street, 18th Avenue, 20th Avenue, Bay Parkway, 25th Avenue, Bay 50th Street

Laminated glass panels

4 sets of 4 panels, approximately 2.5' x 4.5'

The proposed artwork, Ocular Orbits, will transform laminated glass panels into a series of translucent photographic images of the neighborhood surrounding the designated West End Line subway station, as seen through the metaphoric eye (or in this case lens) of selected residents. The glass lens, functioning much like the lens on our retina, flips the image, and in this instance creates slightly disengaged orbits floating within its surrounding environment. Once installed, the sun's rays will activate these images by day while ambient light in the evening will provide a beacon-like glow to the elevated platform. The images in each panel of four will relate in color and structure, providing a cinematic-like sequence in the discreet units. Some images will spill over two panels, seeming to dissolve the mullion between the two panes of glass. In addition, there will be interplay between the two units of four panels on the same side of the platform as well as a visual connection and counterpoint response to the units on the opposing side.

-Jo Yarrington