Travel, 2009
Xerox Transfer, beeswax
11 x 22”

Fairfield University, CT - October 2009
Quinebaug Valley Community College, CT – January 2010
Bristol Art Museum, RI – Fall 2010

15 members of the Printmakers Network of Southern New England and 3 Connecticut poets joined together to create “Travel,” a 3-book collection of original prints and poems hand-bound by professional bookbinder Sarah Creighton.  The concept was for artists and poets to work in conjunction on a chosen subject over a given period of time; the creative results would be fused together into a 3-book collection. Thirty copies of the 3-book collection (page size 11”x 11”) were created with eight for sale.

Each poet chose 4 words related to the theme of travel. Then each printmaker

chose which group of four words to respond to as inspiration. In October 2008 the project participants met to see the results of each members’ efforts. At this meeting the poets and artists correlated the poems with the artwork into three accordion format books.

The print, titled "Ocular Visions Series I", produced for the book project "Travel" continues an exploration of vision, perception and the mapping of our body's interior landscapes started three years ago when I began working on a solo exhibition at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum to open January 2110.  The site project at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum focuses on the eye, how it functions physically and how our perceptions are shaped by the complex interconnectedness of our retina, optic nerve, and brain.

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