Orchestrations, 2016

Heliotrope, a group exhibition
Odetta Gallery, Brooklyn New York
Vintage player piano paper rolls circa 1910-1925, plexiglass
12” width with varied lengths ranging from 4'-25'

Site photography by Cathy Carver

In site-specific exhibitions, public art commissions and collaborative projects I use varied combinations of glass, waxed surfaces, found objects and experimental analog photography to investigate the way we perceive objects and images through our senses. These predominately translucent materials function as both a physical framework and symbolic membrane with implications of scale and the integration of architecture as pivotal components.

The installation, Orchestrations, explores the vernacular in vintage piano roles. As a response to the exhibition’s name and focus, Heliotrope, the physical perforations in the piano roll paper, coded notations for sound, act as a vehicle for light transmissions thus translating orchestrated music into orchestrated light. The work is “played” or activated around the gallery and throughout the day, by the variations and nuances of the sun’s rays.