Perambulations, 2007

Luminous Transportations, 2011 (proposal)
Port Chester Station, Metro North - New Haven Line
Port Chester, Connecticut
Laminated glass panels

Outbound shelter: 16 panes, 40x37"-17x40"

Inbound shelter: 16 panes, 38x42"-30x42"; 35x37"-29x37"

The proposed artwork, Luminous Transportations, will transform the Port Chester Station into an abstracted player piano, a playful reference to the town's rich cultural background in music and its future focus on attracting young artists. Two-way mirrors, perforated player piano rolls and the sun's rays will activate the platform's three shelters into spaces where thoughts can wander and creative ideas can unfold as each vestibule's unique "melody" will resound with the interplay of color and light.

The selected images, structured in discreet cadences, reference the syncopation of music, the brilliant innovations of the industrial revolution, the visual movement of film, the intersecting linear elements of the trees, tracks and power lines, the segmented windows of a train in motion, light as it flickers on the tracks, or a remembrance of a moonlit night on the waterways nearby. As a weekly commuter on this line, I personally considered what I would want to see over many years of travel: places where I could find not only shelter but also, in the shifting light of day, night, weather and seasons, a cadenced liveliness brought about by change, chance and staying present.

Architectural Consultant: Carrie McKnelly