Lumina, 2011

East Rocks Magnet School

New Haven, CT

Ducarclears, Lens, Dioramas, varying dimensions
Glass Rondelles 20” diameter

The proposed artwork for East Rock Magnet School is to be incorporated into its architecture. It is comprised of a series of components activated by natural and artificial light. In response to the school’s Mission and Vision statements shared in a conversation with East Rock Principal, Dr. Michael Conte, the interdisciplinary and multi-sited Lumina aims to highlight community and collaboration through the interfacing of science and art. The creation of optical mediation of a variety of interior and exterior spaces gives viewers an opportunity to experience, enjoy and discuss ever changing environments throughout the school.

Lumina, the plural of lumen which is a measure of the power of light perceived by the human eye, explores the nature of vision, perception, art and physics in a series of imaginary and altered environments. Panels #1 and #2 articulate distinct components of the project that are located throughout the building. By experiencing a cadenced mix of transparent photographic images of the surrounding landscapes, glass panels based on the color structure of enlarged pixels of those landscapes, intimate dioramas, glass rondelles and a series of viewing lenses both large and small, viewers are asked to ponder and discuss what they are seeing and how the interplay of light and image changes the spaces both in and outside the school.

Architectural Consultant: Tracey Coffin