Resurrection, 2003-2005
Bezirk Christuskirche, Cologne Germany
Photographic Duraclears, 9' diameter

The renovation of Christuskriche, in the years following the 1945 bombing, included covering the large circular window fronting the church with an interior ceiling wall. The removal of this wall and the insertion into the window of a new image, consisting of a male and a female hand between which light is transferred, speaks to renewed illumination in all its metaphoric resonance. Also appearing in the image is a subtle trace/outline of the window's original metal framework, referring to memory both searing and indelible.
Resurgernce50 x 28"

Continuing the surge of light suggested by Resurrection, a central image of swirling illumination is suspended above the walkway in a hidden attic space located over the Christuskirche sanctuary.
Reverberation72 x 48"

Reverberation continues the Christus Church pelegrinato, leading the viewer into another hidden walkway, a 60' long buttressed sidepiece to the architecture, accessed on the east side of the sanctuary by a small hatch-like entry. Hung separated and flag-like from the original church's surviving rafters, two tilted transparent photographic images suggest the silent memory of a bell's sway. Each image is of a singular black and then white egg cupped in a woman's hands, fragile vessels of fertility that hold a future both ominous and promising. The work can only be viewed as a cohesive unit when one finds the place of exact alignment.