Anthera, 2005
Westport Art Center
Westport, CT
Photographic Duraclear
10' x 16'

Site photography by Cathy Carver

I make photographic images that explore liminal states and varying degrees of conflux. I look for a poetic interweaving of nature and culture by having my work sited on windows, the transparent skin between interior spaces and exterior environments. The activation of the work by light from the sun, and the ensuing projections into the space and onto the viewer provide opportunities for meditations on place, ritual, wonder and presence.

Currently, I have been documenting private performances in which elements of exterior sites have been projected on to the body. By assigning the names of parts of flowers to these images, allusions are made to meanings both secular and sacred. Anthera, the latin name for the pollen bearing part of the stamen in a flower, is the title of the installation for the In Situ exhibition at the Westport Art Center.