Touch, Taste, Remember    2009
Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art
San Francisco, CA

6 Duraclear transparencies sandwiched between 6 glass plates

Freestanding light box display pedestal

18” diameter

Touch, Taste, Remember explores through layering, light and photographic imagery the notions of symbol, memory and journey inherent in the traditions surrounding Passover and the Seder plate. The work consists of six 18” diameter stacked glass “plates.” Sandwiched between each of the glass plates is an 18” diameter photographic transparency of a hand or hands interacting with one of the items on the plate (bitter herbs, egg in salt water, etc). Each of these interactions are positioned in a section of the individual photograph so that when all six layered images are viewed together from above there is a clear sense of depth as if looking into a pool of “memory:” six separate interactions happening at six separate times but presented concurrently.

The glass plates with their layered images are stacked on an 18” diameter base unit that houses the lighting source. The light unit is covered by a semi-opaque 18” diameter milk glass plate and is encased around its circumference with a 2” high fabricated band of metal, creating in its totality with the glass and transparent photographs a round, stacked-image light box.