Crossings and Transpositions, 2019University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou China

Mediations, cyanotype photograms, ~ 13" x 13" square
Piecemeal/Peacemeal, cyanotype photograms, ~13" x 13" square, found vintage quilt
The Weight of Transmuted Light and Language, vintage hanging player piano rolls as viewer particpatory installation backlighting

In recent years, Jo Yarrington's artistic practice and process has focused on an exploration of the cultural and social ramifications of scientific discoveries of the past century. This practice utilizes an amalgamation of found objects and historic photographic processes. She is particularly interested in the nuances of light as it relates to our other senses and also to camera-less means of photographic image production.

In the interactive installations and series of cyanotype photograms developed for the Guangzhou Acadaemy of Fine Arts Museum exhibition "Crossings and Transpositions," she made use of objects of varying opacities and light transmission characteristics. These included found piano rolls and cyanotype prints produced using uranium glass objects to leave a projected impression on the paper.

-Yuemei Zhang, Jianchang He